Telehealth Therapy & Online Video Counseling Anywhere in Kentucky

A picture of a computer. Begin online therapy in Kentucky with the mental health professionals at Compass Counseling. Internet psychotherapy for teens, individual adults & couples counseling.

Online Therapy Anywhere in Kentucky

Counseling on your terms.  Telehealth is changing the game in counseling. It is fast, secure and you can see the therapist you want face to face from exactly where you are right now.

Telehealth including online counseling is increasingly common and is available at Compass Counseling in Kentucky.  You don’t have to travel to Paducah or Owensboro. Instead, you can see one of our expert therapists from a distance. With distance or online therapy, you’ll stay connected with your therapist through live video face to face sessions, phone, text or messaging.

Safe, Fast & Effective Telehealth and Distance Counseling

We offer a secure and HIPAA compliant video platform for you to connect with one of our licensed therapist that is also convenient for you, whether you are in a rural area or a busy professional. This means that your online counseling sessions are private.

Benefits of Online Therapy & Counseling Services

Online therapy & telehealth therapy in Kentucky through Compass Counseling. What is online therapy? Does online therapy work? Our KY counselors can easy your fears & answer your questions about e-counseling!
  • Convenience

  • Choosing a high quality therapist outside of your local and professional community

  • Ongoing support for goals when in-office visits are not possible

  • More comfortable

Is Online and Telehealth Counseling the Best Fit for Me?

Does online counseling work?

Is e-counseling right for my depression?

Will online couples counseling help save my marriage?

These are common questions people ask when they’re considering online psychotherapy services. However, they are questions best answered by you and your therapist together. The effectiveness of online psychotherapy, just like any type of counseling, depends on your unique goals and issues that you are working on.

Telehealth and online counseling are not appropriate for every mental health issue or diagnosis. For our clients safety, most telehealth appointments are an extension of services that are offered to our current clients. However, anyone interested in online counseling or distance counseling services at Compass Counseling could set up a telehealth consultation with one of our licensed therapists to determine if telehealth therapy is the best fit for you. Your therapist will talk to you and the pros and cons of online counseling and help you determine if it’s the best fit for you.

Online Counseling for Teens in Kentucky

Online counseling sessions often make sense for teenagers. Many teens who are resistant to coming into a therapy office are willing to consider working with a therapist online. If you’ve discussed counseling before and gotten the “I’m too busy” response from your teenager, maybe ask them if they’d be willing to try online sessions.

Online Couples & Marriage Counseling in Kentucky

Compass marriage therapists often work with busy couples as well. However, we know it can be hard to get both partners to our office at the same time every week. What if you could login to our secure online system for an hour a week for couples counseling? You can work on your relationship without having to drive to our office. Maybe you’d both like to meet with a therapist from the comfort of your own home. You can sit on a comfortable couch in your living room while participating in a counseling session. Online marriage therapy sessions are also great for when one spouse travels. If you and your partner are participating in couples counseling and one of you needs to miss a week for traveling to another part of the state, you can discuss the option of holding that one session online instead of missing it altogether. It is important to note that a therapist’s license requirements limit them to only providing online counseling sessions to you if you are in the state of Kentucky.

Online therapy is great for busy professionals! Work with one of Compass Counseling’s online therapists from anywhere in Kentucky! Call today to schedule your first telehealth therapy appointment!

Online therapy is great for busy professionals! Work with one of Compass Counseling’s online therapists from anywhere in Kentucky! Call today to schedule your first telehealth therapy appointment!

Begin Online Therapy in Kentucky at Compass Counseling

Contact us at to learn more about telehealth and online counseling anywhere in Kentucky. You don’t have to stay stuck. Attending counseling in Kentucky doesn’t have to mean taking hours off work to drive to our counseling offices. Our confidential online therapy services fit easily into your life. What’s stopping you from getting started? Call today and begin telehealth therapy with one of our expert mental health counselors! We can help you on your path to change!