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Getting married is an exciting and passion-filled time; however, one thing couples frequently overlook in their preparations for a lifetime together is premarital counseling. Katie helps clients plan for the inevitable challenges that marriage presents. You’ll receive helpful insight into:

  • Household finances

  • Effective communication

  • How to disagree

  • Tips for blended families

  • Dealing with the in-laws

“Most people spend zero dollars on preparing and learning how to have a lifetime relationship,” Katie says. “This is one of the most costly relational and financial mistakes that a couple can make. Taking the time to learn how to be married and to set goals can be a game-changer.”

While premarital counseling lays the foundation for a fulfilling marriage, Katie also helps couples maintain a healthy marriage.

Marriage counseling teaches you and your spouse:

  • Communication skills

  • Tips for conflict resolution

  • Parenting skills

  • Identifying and communicating an individual’s personal needs

“What couples learn in marriage counseling can change most marriages, but it does require work. And work requires energy,” Katie says.

Sometimes a lack of focus and organization in one’s career can lead to other relational problems. In addition to encouraging her clients to set goals for their marriages, she also helps them set goals for their careers.

  • Are you overwhelmed in your position in your company?

  • Are you looking to take a new direction in your career?

  • Are you struggling to set or achieve professional goals?

Taking a future-focused approach to career counseling, Katie is able to meet you where you are. If your goal is to make a change in your career, Katie can help you outline the steps you need to take in order to get you there.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science, University of Kentucky

  • Master of Arts in Education in Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy, Western Kentucky University.

  • Level 2 Gottman Trained Therapist

  • DIstance Counseling Intensive Training

  • Kentucky LPCA Supervisor

  • Mental Health Practice Consultant