What is EMDR? 

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization reprocessing.

This type of therapy does not require you to talk in depth about the trauma in your life that is affecting you. Instead, you only need to tell the therapist the root of what is troubling you so that this can be targeted. During EMDR sessions, eye movements are used to reprocess how the brain reacts to the thoughts, feelings, and memories of a traumatic event. To learn more scroll down for quick videos and links to our blog posts. We also have listed here which therapists are trained in EMDR at Compass Counseling!


Therapist at Compass Counseling Trained in EMDR

Jill Terhune in Paducah

Gary Barker in Owensboro

Jamie Jit in Owensboro

Julie Johnson in Owensboro

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If you would like to schedule an EMDR appointment contact Compass Counseling at 270-777-4490 in Paducah or 270-215-4000 in Owensboro.