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Questions About Therapy Part 2: What Are the Letters Behind My Therapist's Name?

One of the questions that we receive is what do all of the letter mean behind my therapist or counselors name and why are they important?

It can be confusing.  One of the most important reasons why it is important to know about the letters behind your therapists name is because it can be a resource for you.  The letters are not going to guarantee that the therapist is the right fit for you. However, understanding the letters can be helpful when you are making a decision about working with a therapist.  

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Questions About Therapy Part 1: What is a Therapeutic Technique?

“Therapeutic Techniques”  are skills used by therapists to work with a client to meet their agreed upon goals. These “techniques” vary from therapist to therapist based upon their area of expertise and training.  Your therapist is trained to know how to use many techniques and may use some or a variety of these in your counseling appointment. These techniques listed are common in therapy, here is some basic information so you can understand more about them.


Psychoeducation is a term used when a therapist or other mental health professional provides you with information about anything “psychological.”  This can include things like the changes that occur during childhood development, features of a panic attack or what to expect at different points of recovery from addiction.  Psychoeducation is meant to give additional information to you so you may have a better understanding of what you or a loved one is experiencing. It can also help you know what to expect in the future and what may be helpful in getting relief and setting goals for yourself.   

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