Mapping Healthy Minds Podcast Introduction

We all have mental health, how's yours?

That is the tagline for our new podcast. The show is titled Mapping Healthy Minds and in the initial series, therapists from Compass Counseling will be discussing different workplace wellness topics. I'm Justin Lewis and I'll be interviewing each of the therapists who are experts on the individual topics. These topics include nutrition boundaries, self care, stress reduction, depression, healthy relationships, also grieving and loss.

What We Want for the Podcast

“We hope to help people overcome that fear and uncertainty of seeking help. We really want to give people tools for their mental wellness in a really comfortable place and that's all we want to do with this podcast,”  Katie Englert, President & Owner of Compass Counseling.

Each episode will encourage the listener to consider the fact that just as we all have physical health that needs tending to, we all have mental health that deserves the same level of care and concern. There is no shame in paying attention to it. Join us as we talk about mental health and how’s yours?

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify.  We would love it if you would subscribe, share and review!  You can also listen online at  We would like to thank Daniel Neihoff Music for our podcast tunes!

This podcast is sponsored by Compass Counseling, we help you on your path to change.  Compass Counseling offers clinical counseling in a comfortable setting in Paducah, Owensboro, Henderson and anywhere online in Kentucky!

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