Science of Being Thankful & Your FREE 30 Days of Gratitude Journal

We hear it often here in the south.  People say thank you or that they are blessed, which is often true, but often is more or less expressed as pleasantries.  How often do you actually stop and reflect on the things that you are thankful for? In my life as a therapist, small business owner, & believer, I read about the importance of being thankful, here it from my mom & dad, actually research it some.  As we are heading into the holiday season I thought it may be helpful for some to share some research based facts on how being thankful can help us be more present for life when routines are shattered, time changes, holiday shopping starts and gatherings begin.  


In the mental health field, positive psychology research specifically, we know that expressing thankfulness is associated with greater happiness.  It can help you feel better about things, have nostalgia, improve health markers and deal with stress. 

In a noted study two psychologists (Dr Emmons & Dr McCullough) had two groups of participants for an experiment.  One group they had to write a few sentences on negative things that had happened to them throughout the day. One group was to just journal about whatever , they were given no direction on positive or negative.  And thirdly, you guessed it, they were to write a few sentences about things that they had been thankful for throughout the week. This lasted for 10 weeks and the results were that the people who wrote about thankfulness felt better, were more likely to exercise, and visited their doctor less than people in the other groups.  What an association!


As our gift to you, we would like to share with you a free 30 Day Gratitude Journal to get you started.  You can print it off and start using it today, to start when the November gratitude challenges start on social media.  Whatever your motivation, we hope that you enjoy it and are happy to help you on your path to change! 

Download your Printable FREE 30 Days of Gratitude Journal Here!

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