Concierge Counseling and Why You Need It

I know, you get it. We all have struggles, and may times would love to talk to someone about those struggles. Maybe it’s major depression, or anger, or relationship struggles, or maybe it seems relatively minor to you, like a little anxiety, but you know you need to talk about it. 

But you work a busy schedule. Maybe you have a full time job and 3 kids you have to get to ball games. How in the world will you find the time to see a counselor about your struggles? Most counselors work 9-5 just like you do. It’s easy to put our “stuff” on the back burner to deal with later when life slows down. But let’s be honest. Those struggles don’t just go away because you don’t have time to deal with them. And if you wait until “life slows down”, the window of opportunity to work through those struggles may be past. 

So what is a person to do? Enter Concierge Counseling. Don’t know what that is? Keep reading. 

Concierge counseling is where the counselor comes to you. Sounds pretty great, right? Everyone these days seems to have busy schedules, so this is a way to help more people on your timetable. That might be after work hours, or even on your lunch break. These sessions can be longer, with ultimate customization to meet your goals more efficiently. Keep in mind that this type of counseling is not covered by insurance, which also means you will not need a diagnosis or referral.

Benefits of Concierge Counseling


You don’t need to get in the car and brave the rush hour traffic to get to your therapist’s office, or worry about where to park. This lessens the amount of time you have to be away from work or your family. You choose when is the best time to meet, and for how long.  

Real Life Problem Solving

Often the best results come when you apply the skills you learned in a session to your daily life. This can be easier to do when your sessions happen in your natural environment where you are experiencing the problems.

Private and Relaxing Environment

Because the therapist comes to you, you have the freedom to choose the location that is most comfortable to you. Whether that is home, your office, or a park, the goal is to have a safe environment where you feel relaxed and free to talk. This also provides increased confidentiality. 

This is a unique service that is gaining popularity across the nation. You may be interested in this service if:

  • ž You have extensive trauma work you want to accomplish. We can meet several times a week which can help the process move faster and help you heal and feel better sooner.

  • ž You value your emotional health and the benefits of reducing the negative effects of anxiety and depression and want to create and maintain positive relationships.

  • ž You don’t want to be labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis

  • ž You don’t want a mental illness diagnosis to follow you throughout your life.

  • ž You want your personal history to remain confidential.

  • ž You want the power to choose your own therapist instead of being limited to a list of names on an insurance company’s list.

If you would like more information call our Paducah office at 270-777-4490 or the Owensboro location at 270-215-4000.