Walk & Talk Counseling

Walk and talk counseling is done outside of a therapist’s office. There are several benefits to walk and talk counseling and many are beginning to utilize it more!  Of course, walking encourages more activity, which has been proven to reduce stress and make people feel better by increasing endorphins that make us feel happier. Being outdoors can also make patients calmer and can also allow for the reduction of what some may feel is awkward eye contact because they can focus on their surroundings instead of the therapist or a wall. This is especially useful for patients who have struggled with shame. 

This option in counseling can help clients open up more to their therapist.  Building therapeutic alliance with your therapist allows him/her to better understand their clients concerns and leads to a better understanding of what the client is wanting to work on and set goals to see that happen. Walking in nature can help clients feel like they are moving forward instead of being stuck, which can create more of a positive attitude and environment. Getting outdoors can also influence clients to be more active and encourage them to maintain a healthier lifestyle, which is oftentimes part of the goal when seeing a therapist.

Movement and activity increases blood flow and increases activity to certain areas of the brain to increase awareness and thought processing. A clearer mind leads to more expressive conversation and provides clients the opportunity to maximize their time in their counseling sessions. As with all types of counseling it is important for your therapist to address the appropriateness of walk and talk therapy for your goals and what the risks may include.  Compass Counseling offers walk and talk counseling.  If you are interested in learning more please contact our office in Paducah at 270-777-4490 or Owensboro at 270-215-4000.

Katie Englert