Concierge Counseling

Millions of people benefit from counseling, but many opt out because getting an appointment between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. just isn’t convenient with work, school, or other responsibilities. Concierge counseling allows clients to have a more customized counseling experience with extended or after-hours appointments and flexibility.  In many cases, our concierge clients prefer that their therapist meet them at their own office for their appointment.  Concierge clients prefer ultimate customization with the to expedite the development of their plan for counseling to meet their goals most efficiently.  Insurance does not cover concierge counseling so there is no diagnosis required and we are able to offer maximized confidentiality.  If you are interested in concierge counseling please contact our office in Paducah at 270-777-4490 or Owensboro at 270-215-4000.

Katie Englert