Questions About Therapy Part 3: What is the Process to Start Marriage Counseling & How Much Is It?

Typically, couples call the office and we get them set up with a licensed counselor who has specific training in marriage therapy.  The couple comes into the appointment and the therapist walks them through what to expect and you share the goal of coming to therapy with your therapist.  We use the terms counselor and therapist interchangeably. Then if desired the therapist typically has an individual appointment with each person early in the process to make sure that the goal is a mutual one.  Then the couple is reunited with marriage therapy together. Individual sessions are not always necessary, but are common. The therapist will also make recommendations if necessary for anyone in the marriage to seek individual counseling if there is an individual issue that is preventing the couple from making progress.  The frequency and the amount of sessions vary from couple to couple.

Marriage counseling is a deal compared to whatever the cost of the alternative is, whether that is living together in an unhealthy, unhappy marriage or divorce. The immediate investment for marriage counseling depends on if you plan on using insurance or paying for the sessions yourself.  To use your insurance, there has to be a diagnosed health condition. That being said, anyone who takes medication prescribed for mood, depression, anxiety or panic (to name a few instances) has a diagnosis can typically use their insurance benefits for counseling.  With insurance each policy is different and we would be happy to check your benefits for you if that is what you choose.

If you pay for you sessions our marriage counselors charge anywhere from $100-$150 per hour for marriage counseling.  You can also request extended sessions or after hours appointments with this option, including evenings and Saturdays with some therapists.  Additionally this option allows virtual counseling sessions via live video chat if appropriate. You can pay using cash, check, credit card, or with a HSA or FSA card as well.

Hopefully this information is helpful for you in making your decision to invest in your marriage. Should you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at Compass Counseling, in Paducah call 270-777-4490 (email is )or in Owensboro call 270-215-4000 (or email is ), we would be happy to answer them and set you up for an appointment.

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