What is Mindfulness?

I keep hearing the word, “mindfulness” but what does it really mean, and how can it help? A good understanding of this new catch phrase is living in the moment. We live in a world that is constantly adding pressure to not be focused where we are. We worry about our upcoming bills, getting noticed through social media, what the future holds, or the woulda, coulda, shouldas of the past. These things are not bad things to think about—it is good to pay bills, enjoy social media, plan for the future, and learn from our mistakes. But, what can happen when we constantly think about (I worry mostly), the future or the what-ifs of the past is that we can create anxiety, fear, or regret for ourselves. So this “popular” idea of living in the moment is allowing ourselves to be free from those little worries and anxieties so that we can enjoy what is right in front of us—our families, friends, jobs, and little joys found in life. So, yes—plan, yes—learn from our mistakes, but also be present in today!

Jennifer Linville, MTS, MCMHC

Intern at Compass Counseling

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