Working as a therapist in an agency setting wasn’t the reason I became a counselor. I wanted to help people stay married, help families stay together, and help people help themselves.  This why I opened a small scale counseling practice just over three years ago in Paducah called Compass Counseling.  

Our vision is simple at Compass: we offer real help to real people.  We have grown very intentionally in the past few years to include another small practice in Owensboro in January 2015.  I am so privileged to practice along some of the best counselors that I know.  We have six counselors in Paducah and five in Owensboro.  Each counselor at Compass has a style of their own, but are all committed to having a fierce regard for helping people.  We are glad to be a part of helping people choose to live healthier lives.  It is a pleasure to help people realize that things can happen in their lives that they thought were impossible.

- Katie Englert, LPCC

Katie Englert