Ashley Lawing

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You grow when you are out of your comfort zone.  Finding courage takes a lot of strength.  No matter what you may feel or believe about yourself at this moment, you can change and grow.  

Ashley Lawing’s primary focus is providing an empathetic ear and honest communication with her clients.

Ashley graduated with her Masters Degree in mental health from the University of Cumberlands. She offers mental health counseling, specializing in addictions, mindfulness, and holistic services while accepting you where you are in life.  She has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and couples. Ashley is trained in many methods and specialties, including Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and recently completed certification in Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior Therapy (MCBT).  In addition, Ashley has led group therapy form addictions and mental health including,  mindfulness, CBT interventions, EBP Yoga, and art therapy in empowering her clients.

I look forward to meeting you at whichever unique stage of life you are at and working towards empowering you to overcome personal obstacles to improve your life.

Ashley Lawing, LPCA will is accepting new clients in our Henderson office begin sessions in November, 2019, you can call/text 270-777-4490 to schedule an appointment with her. You can also book or refer online at